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Kiss Lajos, Földrajzi nevek etimológiai szótára, L-Zs (Etymological Dictionary of Geographical Names, Letters L-Z) (Budapest: Akadémiai kiadó, 1988), p. 255:

Nyirád 'locality in Veszprém County, east--northeast of Sümeg' [ca 1153, ca 1230, 1237-40 naragc; 1272: Nerrad; 1385: Nyrad. The old-Hungarian Nyárád toponym originates from the Hungarian tree name 'nyar' ('poplar'). The newer form Nyirád results from the dissimilation á < i. It is less likely that a Slavic personal name was the antecedent: compare the personal names Nerad (Serbo-Croatian), Nerad (Czech), and Nierad (Polish).

Go to the Global Gazetter for a map showing Nyirád and its geographical coordinates.

This pre-WWI map can be found in its entirety (Zala County) at:

Excerpt from 1910 Zala County map showing Nyirád

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