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This is the homepage of the Nyírády family, currently residing in Europe, North America, Asia, and Australia.

We trace our ancestry back to Kecskemét, Hungary, although the name Nyírády suggests the village of Nyirád, north of Lake Balaton. In Hungary our name can appear as Nyirády/Nyirádi or Nyírády/Nyírádi; outside of Hungary it has appeared as Njiradi and, of course, Nyirady.

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Begin with the pages for the three children of Zsigmond Nyirády (1807-1873) and Judit Fazekas (1814-1908):

  • Julianna  (1840-1916; husband: Imre Petneházy)
  • Imre  (1850-1914; wife: Mária Rigó)
  • László   (1855-1937; wife: Erzsébet Szappanos).

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